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Tuomas Salste
president and founder
of Aivosto

Established in 1997, Aivosto Oy is an innovative producer of software development tools. Aivosto specializes in utilities for professional software developers. Our products focus on software quality, optimization, documentation and productivity. With Aivosto tools you improve your programs while saving cost and effort.

As experienced software developers we understand your needs as a pro. What we promise, we deliver. We guarantee that our programs are of top quality. You will always get the best service and support from us, be you on any continent. Aivosto works on a solid basis to meet your needs for the years to come.

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Aivosto Oy
Kylänvanhimmantie 16

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30-day money back guarantee
Aivosto software comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Company details

Trade nameAivosto Oy
Auxiliary trade name VB Shop
Web sitewww.aivosto.com
Business ID1107215-7
Registered inTrade Register of Finland
Company formLimited company (Ltd.)
DomicileHelsinki, Finland
PresidentTuomas Salste
D-U-N-S number65-190-8774


History of Aivosto Oy

Aivosto Oy: What does it mean?

  • Aivosto Oy is Finnish and means 'The Brains Ltd.' We don't actually use this English form.
  • Pronounce Aivosto like [aivosto], or as in 'eye-vosto'. Listen mp3
We run on wind power

Ecological sustainability

  • Aivosto uses 100% green wind electricity and is involved in the building of wind power plants.
  • Aivosto products are 100% immaterial. They consume no natural resources.
  • Aivosto products help customers to get a longer life for their software and hardware.


Finland Aivosto is based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, northern Europe. Finland is a land of deep forests, blue lakes, white snow, 5.4 million people — and 2 million saunas to cope with freezing weather. Finland belongs to the European Union and the eurozone (€), and is an independent democracy since 1917. Home of great software, Finland is where Linux, IRC, MySQL, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Aivosto come from.

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