Free VB code analysis service

We will analyze your code - free of charge!

Send us your Visual Basic project(s) in VB, VB.NET or VBA. We will analyze your code with Project Analyzer and send you the following reports free of charge:

  • Summary report with information on the total size of your code, such as the number of lines and procedures.
  • Design quality report with information on the amount of dead code, problems, commentation, internal reuse, procedure lengths and other quality aspects.
  • Dead code statistics listing the amount and types of dead code in your program.
  • Problem statistics summarizing the problems found in code review.
  • File dependency tree, listing "file depends on" information for all files.

The reports are created by Project Analyzer, our VB review and documentation tool. Besides these reports, the program generates tens of other reports and does a full automated code review. Why are we offering the free analysis? We hope to convince you that Project Analyzer is an important part of your development toolkit. What is more, we'll show you that it works with your code too.

Instructions to get a free analysis

  1. Pick any Visual Basic project, project group (vbg) or solution (sln) made with VB 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, VB.NET 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 or VBA.
  2. Zip up your source code, including all .bas, .frm, .cls, .vb, .vbp, .vbproj, .sln, .vbg and other required files. Include all source files. Preserve the directory structure when necessary.
    • No exes: Leave out any binary executable files, such as .ocx, .dll or .exe.
    • VB.NET project? Leave out the bin/ or obj/ directories or any other generated binaries.
    • ASP.NET project? You don't need to send the web content, only the VB.NET code.
    • VBA project? Send the original document file (.doc .xls .mdb etc). See VBA Plug supported versions to verify we can analyze the type of file you're going to send.
  3. Email the .zip file to us to with subject "Free code analysis request".
  4. The free reports come to you via email in a few days.


We will analyze your code if it contains at least 11 source files. There is no upper limit, we'll analyze 3 million lines if you wish. The free service includes a maximum of three analyses. A multi-project system (.vbg or .sln) counts as a single analysis. If your project is contains 10 source files or less, you can do the analysis by yourself with the free Project Analyzer demo. Download demo

Terms of service

The service includes the running of Project Analyzer on your Visual Basic source code. The deliverables are the reports mentioned at the top of this web page. No other reports are included and no guarantee on the accuracy of the reports is given.

Copyright. We respect your copyright and realize your source code is your important trade secret. Your code is safe with us. We will never share your code with anyone else. We will never use your copyrighted code in our own programs. We reserve the right to 1) store your code, 2) analyze your code, 3) use your code as test input for development tools, and 4) use statistical information about the analysis results. You understand that Internet connections are not safe. You cannot hold us liable for any losses due to your code being seen by us or any third parties. You may send your code encrypted, write us for the details.

End of terms.

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