Project Analyzer helps you back up your source code files into a .zip file. You can also create a plain-text file that lists the names of your files.

Select Archive in the File menu. Select the files to be archived in the list box. By default, all source code files belonging to your project are selected. To add more files click the Add files button.

Create zip file. Press the Zip button to create a new .zip file with the selected files added to it. Check the resulting .zip file for completeness. Project Analyzer does not come with a guarantee that all your project files have been successfully backed up.

Create list file. Press the Create list file button to create a plain-text file with all the selected filenames in it. This can be used as input to an external archival program, or simply to produce a file listing. The default save format is a plain-text Ansi file. You can optionally save in UTF-8 encoding.

The Short 8.3 file names option lets you convert normal filenames into short legacy filenames.

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