Keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAlternativeAction
Ctrl+AAnalyze; Select all in a list
Ctrl+BBookmark (add to bookmarks)
Ctrl+CCtrl+InsertCopy to clipboard (works in hypertext and many lists)
Shift+Ctrl+CCopy as HTML (works in hypertext)
Ctrl+DDetails panel (show/hide)
Ctrl+MMetrics (shows Project Metrics Viewer)
Ctrl+PPrint (report or picture)
Ctrl+SSave (metrics, report or picture)
Ctrl+TCall tree
Ctrl+XView references (x-references)
Shift+CConstants and Enums
Shift+DData types
Shift+VVariables, constants and parameters
F3Find again
F5Super Project Analyzer
F6Project Printer
F7Project Graph
F8Project NameCheck
Shift+F5Flowchart with Visustin
Shift+F10Application keyShow context menu
Ctrl+F6Run macro
Ctrl+F7Enterprise Diagrams
Alt+F5Restore window size
Alt+F10Maximize window
Ctrl+TabNext tab
Shift+Ctrl+TabPrevious tab
Ctrl+Break(Esc)Break analysis (or another operation displaying a gauge)
Move keys, main windowAction
Ctrl+LeftLevel up (from procedure to module)
Ctrl+RightLevel down (from module to first procedure)
Ctrl+UpPrevious (procedure)
Ctrl+DownNext (procedure)
Alt+LeftBackspaceBack in history
Alt+RightShift+BackspaceForward in history
Mouse shortcutAction
Right-clickShow context menu
Double-clickBrowse in hypertext (where applicable)
Scroll wheelScroll up/down
Shift+Scroll wheelScroll left/right
Back/Forward buttonBack/Forward in history
Project GraphAction
Ctrl+CCtrl+InsertCopy to clipboard
Ctrl+SSave as
Ctrl+UStart-up node
Shift+1..6Levels 1..6
Ctrl+1..3Backward/Both/Forward links
Alt+1..9Select graph type

Enterprise Diagrams shortcuts

Enterprise Diagrams dialogAction
Ctrl+ASelect all
Insert+Add selected items
Ctrl+InsertCtrl++Add all
Delete-Remove selected items
Shift+DeleteRemove all but selected items
Ctrl+DeleteCtrl+-Remove all
Left arrowMove selected items to box on the left
Right arrowMove selected items to box on the right
Ctrl+Alt+Up/DownSelect diagram type
F4Select diagram type
Enterprise Diagrams viewerAction
Ctrl+CCtrl+InsertCopy to clipboard
Zoom keys/RegularNumPad
Ctrl++NumPad +Zoom in (hold down Shift to zoom in more)
Ctrl+-NumPad -Zoom out (hold down Shift to zoom out more)
Ctrl+1NumPad ÷Zoom to 100%
Ctrl+2NumPad ×Fit width/height
Ctrl+3Shift+NumPad ×Fit in window
Ctrl+4..9-Zoom to 40%, 50%, ..., 90%
Ctrl+0-Zoom to 100%
-Ctrl+NumPad5Zoom toggle (100% -> Width -> Fit -> 100%)
Zoom keys/Visio style
Alt+F6Zoom in
Shift+Alt+F6Zoom out
Shift+Ctrl+IZoom to 100%
Ctrl+WFit in window
Scroll keys
Arrow keysScroll
Ctrl+Arrow keysShift+Arrow keysFast scroll
Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keysScroll far up to edge
PageUp, PageDownScroll screen up/down
Ctrl+PageUp, Ctrl+PageDownScroll screen left/right
Shift+Ctrl+PageUpScroll to top edge
Shift+Ctrl+PageDownScroll to bottom edge
HomeScroll to left edge
Ctrl+HomeScroll to top-left corner
EndScroll to right edge
Ctrl+EndScroll to bottom-right corner
Modifiers for scroll keys
Ctrl downScroll fast
Shift+Ctrl downScroll far up to edge
NumPad scroll keys
NumPad 1-4 and 6-9Scroll
Ctrl + NumPad 1-4 and 6-9Fast scroll

Enterprise Diagrams keyboard shortcuts

Enterprise Diagrams mouse shortcuts

Mouse shortcutAction
Right-clickShow context menu
Drag with left buttonDrag the chart
Shift+Move mouseScroll by moving the mouse over the chart
Ctrl+Left-clickZoom in
Ctrl+Right-clickZoom out
Ctrl+Middle-click (wheel-click)Zoom toggle (100% -> Width -> Fit -> 100%)
Mouse wheel
Scroll wheelScroll up/down
Shift+Scroll wheelScroll left/right
Ctrl+Scroll wheelZoom in/out

Mouse wheel is not supported on Windows 95.


You can optionally define a hotkey to bring up Project Analyzer from the background. It is useful if you wish to jump back & forth between Project Analyzer and VB. See the Hotkey command in the Options menu.

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