Project Analyzer

Data output - PicInfo sample application

This report lists the ways other modules can retrieve data from a module.
Data can be retrieved via Friend and Public variables, properties, functions
and events. Procedures with 'out' parameters are also included.

Class IPicInfo

Property Get Filename() As String
Property Get MaxColors() As Variant
Function ReadFile(in:String) As Boolean
Property Get Size() As IPicInfo.TPicSize

Class PicBMP

Implements IPicInfo

Form PicForm

Class PicGIF

Implements IPicInfo

Property Get Version() As String

Module PicMain

var ProgramTitle As String
Function ShowFileOpenDialog(in:Long, in:String, in:String, [in/out:Long], [in:String], [in:String], [in/out:PicMain.EFileDlgFlags]) As String