Project Analyzer upgrades

Project Analyzer comes with a liberal upgrade policy. No continuous maintenance or support charges are due for your Project Analyzer license.

Minor updates are free

All minor version updates are free of charge. We do not guarantee the availability of free updates. A minor upgrade can include new features, improvements and occasional bug fixes.

You can verify if an update is free by the version number. A minor version number change is always free. For example, v10.1 to v10.2 is a free minor update. See the version history for previous updates.

You can come back to our web site to download the updates. Sometimes you will get a notification of an available update, sometimes we change versions quietly. That depends on how large the changes were. In any case, you can assume that a new version is better than an earlier one.

Major version upgrades

A major version upgrade is not free. A major upgrade means a change in the major version number. Example: v9 to v10. Existing users will be entitled to a discounted upgrade. Upgrade discounts will be available for a reasonable time period. Historically, we've released a major upgrade when a new version of Visual Basic or Visual Studio has come out.

Discounted upgrades to Project Analyzer v10 are available from versions 7, 8 and 9 (which were available in 20032010). Upgrading from an earlier version requires a full price.

Old add-in licenses (from 1997 to 2006) are still valid with Project Analyzer v10 Standard Edition. This applies to old stand-alone Super Project Analyzer, Project Printer, Project Graph and Project NameCheck licenses. This does not apply to add-ins obtained as a part of the Pro or Enterprise Edition. Use of add-ins is subject to the current Project Analyzer license terms.

Upgrading to a larger license or edition

Need to add users or features? No problem. You will get a fair discount for upgrading to a larger license size. You can also upgrade to a larger edition: from Standard to Pro or Enterprise Edition, and from Pro to Enterprise Edition.

VBA Plug

VBA Plug v3 is compatible with Project Analyzer v10. As with Project Analyzer, minor version upgrades (within v3.x) are free of charge and major upgrades (from v1/v2 to v3.x) require payment.

VBA Plug v3 licenses will stay compatible with Project Analyzer v10.x. Compatibility with later Project Analyzer versions is not guaranteed.

Upgrading previous licenses to VBA Plug v3 is required. Project Analyzer v10 is not compatible with VBA Plug v1 or v2.

What happens to the old license?

A license upgrade to a new version or edition terminates your existing license(s) in 30 days of upgrading. When upgrading to an equal or a larger license size, the old license terminates fully. A partial upgrade (to a smaller license size) decreases the size of the old license accordingly.

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