VB Columns

ActiveX Documents in VB
ActiveX gives you more than controls. An ActiveX document gives you the power to deliver VB-enabled content over the Web.

Beyond Visual Basic
Every Microsoft Office 97 application contains most of what we know as Visual Basic. Hit Alt-F11 in Office to take yourself to an undiscovered country just over the VB horizon.

Data Sources, Data Sinks
Write your own data-aware controls in VB? Donít panic! Itís not the black art that it used to be, thanks to new power in VB6.

VBScript and Active Server Pages
ASP using server-side scripting with VBScript provides a browser-independent way to adapt your HTML-based Web pages to the users who surf them.

Visual Basic and the Common Gateway
Need to create interactive Web sites? Why learn another language? VB can do anything Perl can do, and the Common Gateway Interface provides a standard mechanism for two-way browser-server communications.

VB6's File System Objects
File System Objects (FSO) completely recast Visual Basicís fundamental powers over disk storage in an object-oriented mold. It makes file access and management considerably easier, even though it isnít quite complete.

Peter G. Aitken's columns from Visual Developer Magazine were regularly published at Aivosto.com in 1998-2000. Unfortunately, the story of Visual Developer Magazine ended in Spring 2000 Ė but the articles remain.

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