JavaScript flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from JavaScript code. ASP and HTML files containing JavaScript are also supported.

Supported statements

The following statements are supported.

Other statements are supported but have no specific visualization.

Embedded JavaScript

Visustin flowcharts plain JavaScript and also JavaScript embedded on HTML or ASP pages. Visustin automatically detects the language mode, which is one of the following:

ASP Server-side JavaScript (*.asp)
Everything within <%...%> is assumed to be JavaScript.
Used when: <% or %> are found.
HTML Client-side JavaScript (*.html)
Flowchart the code within <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT> tags. Everything else is HTML.
Used when: Code is HTML but no ASP <% tag exists.
Plain (*.js)
The code is flowcharted "as is" without HTML.
Used when: Code is not HTML.

When flowcharting a code snippet (not an entire file), select only the JavaScript code, no HTML tags. Alternatively, include the opening tag <% or <SCRIPT> to make Visustin correctly detect the language mode.

If the code contains both server-side and client-side scripts, server-side scripts are flowcharted while client-side scripts are ignored. Remove <%...%> to flowchart as client-side script.

Where the code mixes several scripting languages, only JavaScript is flowcharted. Use VBScript mode to flowchart VBScript code.

The file extension (*.asp, *.html, *.js) has no actual meaning to Visustin.


The following syntax is unsupported or only limited support is provided. The chart may display a normal statement, not a branch or a jump.

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