PL/SQL and Ada flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from PL/SQL and Ada source code.

Supported PL/SQL and Ada statements

The syntax of PL/SQL and Ada is quite similar. The following statements are supported.

Other statements are supported as well but they are handled as simple statements with no control flow effect. For example, a PL/SQL SELECT and an Ada delay are displayed "as is", as a single statement.


The following procedural units are visualized:

Notice that the PL/SQL CREATE PROCEDURE|FUNCTION|TRIGGER statements are visualized independent of the control flow they are part of. Thus, PL/SQL code that creates several procedures (functions, triggers) does not look like a single control flow but like several procedures.


PL/SQL is not SQL PL

Visustin supports Oracle PL/SQL. It does not support SQL PL for IBM DB2, however. These are different languages, even though there are similarities in both the name and the syntax. Write us if you require support.

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