Ecological software development

Follow us on the path to ecological software development! Cut development costs and save the Earth.

How to develop software in an ecological way?

Download = No manufacturing
Downloaded software saves materials: no CD, no DVD, no printed manual, no box. All Aivosto products are 100% immaterial. They consume no natural resources.
Wind power / Renewable energy
We run on wind powerRenewable energy, such as wind power, keeps down pollution and carbon dioxide levels. Green electricity may even turn out price competitive. Aivosto uses wind power for all its electricity, and has been involved in the building of new wind power plants.
Reused hardware
When new PCs are required, old hardware parts get a new life in new computers. Drives, cards, memory, keyboards, cases and monitors are reused whenever possible. When reuse is not practical, old computers serve as test systems.
Shared hardware
Sharing servers with other companies demands less hardware and energy. Outsourced servers run with improved reliability and less effort on your own part.
Less paper
No printed manuals. No junk mail. Electronic archiving removes paper archives and saves space.
No traveling
Business travel is ineffective. Email keeps in touch with more partners and customers in less time. Unnecessary flying to boring meetings causes pollution and increases costs.
No commuting
Work near home. Spend your time working, not driving.
Recycling office waste saves natural resources, and gives a peace of mind.

How can Aivosto software help me?

Longer life for your hardware
Aivosto software runs on old computers too. There is no need to buy new hardware to run our programs.
Longer life for your own code
Aivosto software gives your own code a longer and better life! Improve and reuse your existing code with Project Analyzer, Visustin and VB Watch.
  • Restructure and document your code to help maintenance in the long run.
  • Analyze legacy code to migrate and reuse it in new systems.
  • Optimize your programs to make them run fast on all hardware.

Documenting and improving your systems with Aivosto software helps you extend your system lifecycle. This keeps down the cost, time and pollution associated with new development.