Project Analyzer metrics

Some of these metrics features require the Enterprise Edition and the remainder are available in all editions.

Introduction to metrics

Software metrics are a way to evaluate programming projects and code. Project Analyzer calculates a large number of industry standard metrics for Visual Basic source code, ranging from lines of code and number of files to advanced complexity and object-oriented metrics. Most of the metrics features require an Enterprise Edition license. A limited number of metrics can also be viewed with the Standard and Pro Edition.

Metrics features

Project Metrics is a full-blown metrics analysis system in Project Analyzer Enterprise Edition. It collects and stores metrics for viewing. You can see your development in time and compare projects with each other.

Metrics are also available as a part of many different features. In the below table you can see the various features and the editions that contain these features.

Project MetricsEnterprise menu Store and view a wide range of metrics. See how you develop in time and compare projects. More Enterprise
Summary reportReport menu Get an overall picture of the size of the project. All
Design quality reportReport menuGet an overall picture of the different quality aspects of the code. All
Proc Info tabBottom of the main window View key metrics for the selected procedure. All
Old metrics features
The following features are remnants of previous Project Analyzer versions. They still provide accurate measurements but are limited in the number of metric types they provide. We have kept the features available for users who prefer to use the old features, but recommend the Project Metrics feature for new users.
Metrics view (old)Enterprise menuSort procedures or files by a selected metric. A quick way to find problematic code. Project Metrics offers the same functionality with more metrics types. Enterprise
Metrics reports (old)Enterprise menuList key metrics by file and procedure and show statistics. Project Metrics offers the same functionality with more metrics types. Enterprise
Problem detection, metrics limits (old)Bottom of the main windowWarn if a metric exceeds its limits. Use to monitor code quality. More. Project Metrics offers Limits functionality, which is a replacement for this feature. Enterprise

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Project Metrics
Read this help section to learn about all the metrics, how they are calculated and used in practice.

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