Welcome to VB Watch 2.0 !

VB Watch is a powerful suite of industrial strength tools for Visual Basic 6 including:

VB Watch is essentially useful during the final step of your project's development. It helps finding and fixing errors, handling errors once the application is running on your customer's system, pinpointing untested portions of code that are likely to contain errors, tracking down the slow code...

As an additional bonus, VB Watch can instantly backup all your project's source files into a single zip file.

How does it work ?

VB Watch does not modify any portion of your original source code (although it is able to, if you wish). VB Watch operates just before the compilation by instrumenting a copy of your project's source code, so as to implement the desired features. The transformed source code is 100 % Visual Basic code (¹) and doesn't need additional binaries to function, so you can easily control and modify the changes.

Everything is performed automatically. In order to meet everyone's need, there are many options available through the easy-to-use interface or from an assistant.

(¹) VB Watch Protector: Some advanced functions used for emailing bug reports from the customer's machine (such as zipping, detailed object dumping, screenshot, system info and file version report) require a lightweight dll.

Getting started

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Product Overview: read the features description if you are a first time user

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Guided tours: take these tours to instantly try the most interesting features of VB Watch on actual material

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Step by step tutorials: follow these tutorials if you have a clearly defined task to perform on your own project