Step by step: How to profile the execution of your project on another machine

It is possible to gather profiling data on a distant machine (such as a web server) and analyze them on the VB Watch machine.

1. On the machine with VB Watch installed, instrument and compile your project for profiling, as you usually do.

Note: In your plan, make sure that Data acquisition method under TRANSFORMATIONS is set to Auto-Select or Internal. If you are profiling a project group (.vbg). make sure it is set to Internal.

If you have any problem with this step, please see the "How to profile your project" topic.

2. Install the compiled application on the distant machine, with all the files required by your application to work properly.

Also install zlib.dll (to be found in your system folder) in the system folder of the distant machine.
Note: There is no need to register this dll with regsvr32.

3. Run the application so that it executes all parts you want to profile.

4. Once done, retrieve the .pfl file freshly output in the directory of the profiled application, and move it to the machine with VB Watch installed, in the directory containing the instrumented project (by default: MyProjectDir\MyProjectName 1.0.0 where 1.0.0 is the current version of the project).

5. Run the VB Watch Profiler, click the Click and load new sessions... button, and browse for the .pfl file. You're done !