Step by step: How to protect your project from unexpected errors

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to take a ready-to-release project and give it advanced error handling capabilities in one minute.

1. Run the protector: menu Start / Programs / VB Watch 2 / VB Watch Protector.
2. In the drop down list, select the error handling plan you wish to use (Advanced error handler - With Redist is suggested).
To edit or examine it, press the Launch Control Center... button.

3. Click the Protect Project... button on the left and browse for the project you wish to protect.
If you do not have a project ready, you can load the following test project:\Program Files\VB Watch 2\Samples\VB6\Protector Sample\Sample.vbp.

4. Here is all what happens:

5. Additional notes

The transformed project now references the vbwFunctionsVB6.dll component which is required to ship with your application so as to benefit from advanced functions for emailing error reports.

If you do not wish to distribute an additional dll with your application, you may use the Standard Error Handler - No Redist plan, which is able to pinpoint errors to the line number, but is less powerful regarding emailing and reporting capabilities.

6. If you loaded the sample project, you may refer to the VB Watch Protector guided tour for more information on how to use the sample.

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