Plan description

You may describe what this plan does or give additional comments to other users.


Follow Version Auto-Increment project's setting

This will increment the revision version of the original project (only if the option is turned on in the project properties).


Hard code App.Path with current project's path (Debug only)

This will replace App.Path with the original project's path. This can be useful for debugger/profiler plans, if you decide to compile in a different directory, but still want your executable to access files that were left in the original directory.
Warning: Do not use if build is released to end-users (protector plans).


Make a copy of related documents in the destination folder

This is handy if you need to have some specific files in the same folder as your application (then add them as related doc and check this box). It can be considered as a variant of the option above.



You can use the default actions below if you do not wish to be prompted during the instrumentation process. This can be useful when you use the VB Watch Console to instrument in batch.

Instrument all code by default: if you don't check this box, you will be left the possibility to select which projects/modules/procedures to instrument: