Template Files

Template files are the files that VB Watch adds to your projects when instrumenting. They are stored in the \VB Watch 2\Templates\VB6\ subdirectories. Some are simply added to the new project, some are used as source code directly inserted in procedures. Here is a summary of how they are used:


Creation and modification

Global Error Handler: to create a new global error handler, create a new subdirectory and transfer source files in it. To edit an existing global error handler, simply load the files in VB and do any modification you wish. Please note that any plan pointing to this global handler will be affected.

Please note that the Control Center offers a better interface to load all source file at once in a new VB session.

Other templates: It is not recommended to modify the Debugger and Profiler template files, nor the vbwProtector.bas file. Backup the existing files before you do.


Other files

You can notice other subfolders under the template directory: