VB Watch Console (Enterprise edition)




The VB Watch Console is a helper tool to instrument projects in batch. This can be done either from the user interface or the command line.

The VB Watch Console works with Super plans (saved as .spp files).
A super plan is a list of project + plan pairs. Each project can be assigned a different plan.

When the super plan is started, projects are instrumented one by one, in the order of the list, with the plan they were assigned.
Tip: to avoid interruptions during process, it is recommended to set default actions to confirmation dialogs.






When done, open the following file

At the end of the instrumentation, the VB Watch Console offers the opportunity to run a file of your choice.
For example, you may want to run an installer application to build your installation package, or simply run the main exe of your group of project only when all projects are instrumented.