VB Watch Debugger Windows

The Debugger provides many windows to help you understand how your program is really behaving.

This window displays the original source code. You can follow the execution here, or even set breakpoints at runtime.

This window shows lines and procedure calls as they are executed. When more than one executable are running (typically an exe with some ocx/dll), the Trace window of the Common tab is very useful for analysing interactions between each.

This window displays the call stack in real-time.


This window captures the Debug.Print statements that are executed in your code and displays the output as if you were in the Immediate window of the VB IDE.


Have you ever tried to debug an object that doesn't terminate as expected or a form that stays in memory even when it's supposed to unload ? The debugger keeps a count of all active forms, classes and user controls, telling when and where they were created or destroyed so that you can easily figure out what's going wrong.


This window displays the value of critical public variables in real time. You may break the application when a value changes.


This window displays graphically the total memory your application is using. Use this to find about memory leaks. By just moving the mouse over a part of the graph you can discover where and when in your code it was measured.