VB Watch Profiler Toolbar



Profile Project: browses for a project file and instruments it for profiling with the plan selected in Options.

Console: opens the VB Watch Console for multiple projects instrumentation.

Load sessions: displays an "Open file" dialog box that allows to add new session to the session pane. The loaded file can be a .pfd or .pfl file, or you may select a .vbp project to load all its past sessions.

Save Merged Sessions: saves the current merged session as if it was a single session. Useful for coverage analysis of many little sessions.

Clear Sessions: unload all sessions and clears the session pane.


 Display mode: (the display mode determines which kind of data is displayed in the data pane)

Back: browse back

Forward: browse forward

Filters: displays the Filters dialog.

Options: displays the Options dialog

About: displays the Profiler's current version

Help: brings this help file