Please select the debugging features that you wish to add:



Trace, Call Stack, Instances, Debug.Print, Memory Meter, Spy variables

These options correspond to the Control center's settings described here.

Take a look at the Debugger overview for more info on each feature.


Remote debugging

If you wish to run the application to debug on a distant machine, write the IP of YOUR machine here (the machine with the debugger running).

Note that you can use a macro instead of a fixed IP:
- <THIS_MACHINE_LOCAL_IP> will be replaced by the local network IP (to be used if the distant machine is on the same local network)
- <THIS_MACHINE_INTERNET_IP> will be replaced by the internet IP (to be used if the distant machine is over the internet)

To learn more about remote debugging, please refer to Step by step: How to debug an application running at a remote site.