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You may evaluate the free Visustin demo version for a period of 90 days. The demo is fully functional except for the following: Save, copy, print and export are disabled. There may also be some random effects in the charts, such as a rotation or demo notices. The number of charts generated is limited to 25 per run. Configuration of colors and labels is disabled.

For unlimited functionality, you need the full version of Visustin. The full version comes in two different editions: the Standard and the Pro Edition.

Editions and features

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License details and activation

License sizes. Visustin is licensed per user. The standard license sizes are single user, 2-pack, 3-pack, 5-user team license and 10-pack. Tailored sizes and site licenses are available.

One license = 1 user, 2 installations. Each single user license covers one user and installation on two computers. For 2 users one needs a 2-pack, for 3 users a 3-pack and so on. A site license allows 100 installations within a radius of 3 miles (5 km). Larger site licenses and world-wide licenses are available on request.

Online activation is required before running the full software. Activation requires Internet access (web and email). If the computer has no online access, activation is possible via another computer. Reactivation may be required after hardware changes or system environment changes, such as operating system reinstallation. Each user account requires a separate activation. The number of activations per license is restricted. A reasonable number of activations is allowed according to license size. Reinstallation is allowed if previous installations are removed first.

New activations are covered for 3 years. Free new activations are guaranteed for three years after original purchase. After this time you may need to purchase a renewal or an upgrade. The license period is not restricted. Once activated, you may use the software until your hardware or system environment changes. Reformatting the hard drive or reinstalling Windows are examples of system changes requiring a new activation.

Technical support is free and available via email.

License terms


Minor updates are free within the major version number. Visustin v8 includes the right to download all versions 8.x. Aivosto Oy reserves the right to introduce new features that are not included in the free updates.

Discounted version upgrades are available from earlier Visustin versions. To qualify for a listed upgrade price, you need an old Visustin license of the same size (full upgrade). A partial upgrade to a smaller license is also allowed for the prices listed. As an example, from a 5-user license you can upgrade all 5 users or do a partial upgrade for 1 or 2 users. To upgrade to a larger license, please ask for an offer.

A license upgrade terminates your existing license(s) in 30 days of upgrading. When upgrading to an equal or a larger license size, the old license terminates fully. A partial upgrade (to a smaller license size) decreases the size of the old license accordingly.

Size increases. An upgrade to a larger license size within the same v8 edition equals the price difference.

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