Visustin Troubleshooting

Visustin is a robust flow chart generator that processes all types of source code under all conditions. Problems you might encounter are usually related to either the system configuration or to the source code at hand.

Troubleshooting errors and crashes

General tips

  1. Have you forgot to run setup? Run it again, preferably as Administrator.
  2. Setup is OK, but no chart appears? Run Visustin as Administrator.
  3. Still no luck? Disable UAC (User Access Control).

Error #429 getting flow chart image: ActiveX component can't create object

WinGraphviz.dll is probably missing or not installed. If WinGraphviz.dll exists on your disk, just copy it into the same directory as Visustin.exe. Alternatively run setup.

Error h80020009 registering WinGraphviz.dll

Run Visustin as Administrator and try again. Alternatively, run setup as Administrator.

WinGraphviz.dll or Visus8.vst is missing

Visustin has not been installed correctly. Please run setup.

Visustin crashes at start-up or every time I press Draw or Editor

You never get to see a flow chart? Please ensure you have write access to a root directory. In Windows Vista, you may need to disable UAC or run as Administrator. More

Windows Vista: Visustin produces empty flow charts

Visustin doesn't appeart to create any flow chart? Please ensure you have write access to a root directory. In Windows Vista, you may need to disable UAC or run as Administrator. More

Windows Vista 64-bit: Visustin crashes occasionally

Set the application compatibility mode to Windows 95, 98 or ME. Right-click visustin.exe, select Properties, then Compatibility.

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit: Visustin crashes on code containing loops (Japan, South Korea)

Some users in Japan and South Korea have reported crashes with flow charts including the loop symbol (violet hexagon). To determine if this error happens on your PC open the Samples menu. Check out Fortran sample 2, Pascal sample 3 and 6, Perl sample 2. If these samples crash but others don't, you are hit by this error.

Workaround 1: Use Flow chart alternative style. Select this in the Options menu.
Workaround 2: Use UML Activity Diagram style. Select this in the Options menu.
Workaround 3: Install Visustin on another PC, possibly Windows XP.

Visustin crashes after opening code files from a network drive

Workaround: Copy the source files to a local drive and try again.

Visustin crashes after opening code files, but Copy & Paste works

Workaround: Use Copy & Paste instead of opening a source file.

Visustin runs when I'm logged in as Administrator but crashes when I'm logged in as a regular user

Does the user account have write access to a drive root, say C:\? Visustin requires root access to some drive for its temporary files. More

Charts consist of empty symbols without any code in them

This is a known bug without explanation. It seems to happen on some installations of Windows Server 2003. Workarounds: 1) Run Visustin on another machine or another Windows version. 2) Try Editor. 3) Export to Visio.

My small 50,000-line program causes Visustin to crash or hang

That's not a small file. You may have run out of memory. Read about large charts.

Saving a large chart fails, viewing works OK

If saving fails, but viewing the chart in Visustin is possible, you may have exceeded the capabilities of the file format. Try saving in another format, such as PDF.

Saving a large chart succeeded, but other programs can't open it

Save it as PDF. Some viewers and applications have limited capabilities concerning very large images, such as ones exceeding 65535 pixels in width or height. Trying another viewer or file format may help. PDF is the most robust format.

I printed everything on one sheet. The text is too small to read.

There is a limit to what one can reasonably fit a one sheet of paper. Print on more sheets.

Part of a big chart flashes when I scroll it

Visustin is working near the limits of your PC. Flashing may appear when Visustin has saved memory to stay running. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Rasterized or unexpected colors appear in a large chart at times

You are running low on memory. Visustin uses low-color zooming to keep running with limited RAM. This may produce a rasterized black & white image or unexpected colors. This effect appears when there is not enough physical RAM available. Close other programs to free some memory or add RAM into your system. You can also zoom again as the operating system may have freed up some RAM meanwhile.

Rasterized colors appear in Editor

Your display is running in a low color mode. Right-click the Desktop, select Properties, Settings and select a better color mode such as 32-bit True Colors.

Troubleshooting help file problems

Can't view the help file

Symptoms: You can't view the help file. You're seeing an empty page, 'Action canceled' or 'The page cannot be displayed'. The reason for this is that your Windows blocks downloaded help files.

Solution: You need to unblock the help file. Right-click visustin.chm and select Properties. Press Unblock.

Instead of the local help file, you can also use the online help, which has the same content.

Troubleshooting a failed installation

If Visustin setup fails on your computer, you can by-pass the installer by following these steps.

  1. Unzip the Visustin zip file you downloaded.
  2. Unzip to an empty directory.
  3. Run visustin.exe in that directory. Visustin should now start.
  4. If you get errors, run config.exe. You may need Administrator privileges.
  5. If you still get errors, run checklib.exe for an additional check. Send any error message to Aivosto for further instructions.

If you can't access Visustin help by pressing F1, unblock the help file (see above).

See also: System requirements

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