CodeSMART (discontinued)

Product discontinuation notice

CodeSMART is no longer available from Aivosto. For inquiries and product support please contact the manufacturer AxTools. Aivosto Oy represented CodeSMART in 2000–2009. The product has been discontinued due to sales channel changes. We thank all our customers who have chosen CodeSMART.

CodeSMART was a productivity add-in with versions for both Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET. Navigate projects, add comments, analyze code and User Interface, auto-format and sort, reuse code snippets, rename controls, check spelling + more. Boost your development environment with a multitude of features for VB, C# and C++. CodeSMART was available in three versions: VS.NET, VB6 and PACK (for both VS.NET and VB6).

Tools with functionality similar to that of CodeSMART

Project Analyzer — Analyze and document your Visual Basic code. Navigate projects. Find references. Get code statistics and metrics.

VB Friend — Add-in for VB6. Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space.

List of available products

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