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Project NameCheck configuration


On the Misc tab, you can include/exclude whole classes of names from the standard. You have a few other options besides.

Project NameCheck miscellaneous configuration

Ignore scope of Type/EnumNames of Types and Enums do not have a scope prefix/suffix. This is useful in projects where most Types/Enums are global. This setting does not affect Type fields or Enum members, whose scope is set or removed on the Scope page. This option doesn't affect .NET Structure names. For them, there is no scope checking.
Ignore scope of constantsConstants do not have a scope prefix/suffix.
Ignore type of arraysArray names are not checked for their type. You can still define an array prefix/suffix on the Special page to distinguish all arrays from variables.
Constants in ALL_CAPSConstant names must not include lowercase letters, except for prefixes or suffixes.
Require ProperCaseNames must start with a capital letter, excluding any prefixes. If it should seem that Project NameCheck requires ProperCase for a prefix, the prefix is not set up correctly.
Cumulative menu namesNames of menu items must start with the name of the menu they are in. Thus, the Save command in menu mFile must start with mFile. mFileSave would be OK. This feature is available in Visual Basic versions 3.0 to 6.0.

Project NameCheck configuration

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