Project NameCheck standard configuration

Project NameCheck enforces naming standards. This and the following pages describe how to configure it to conform to your own naming conventions.

NameCheck configuration pages

Types, Controls and Modules
Practical issues


Names in your project consist of a prefix, a base name, and a suffix. Not every name has all of these. Some name might have a prefix+base, another might have base+suffix, and a special name might have no prefix nor suffix at all. Prefixes and suffixes tell you, the programmer, what scope the name has, and what type it is.

Scope - The scope where a name is available. It can be global, private, local, etc.

Type - The data type of a variable or function, such as Integer or Object. The class of a control, such as TextBox. The type of a module, such as Form, Class or Integer.

Project NameCheck is all about enforcing the scope and type prefixes/suffixes for all names in your project - the way you want. It is especially useful for enforcing Hungarian style naming standards, but can also be configured to allow other standard types.

General settings

Start the configuration on the Misc page. When you have made enough changes, hit the Test button to try the settings on some examples. You might also want to try them against your projects every now and then to learn how the settings work.

Project NameCheck miscellaneous configuration

First you need to specify what kind of things you wish to include in the standard. Your basic options are:

Check scope - Include scope checking in the standard

Check type - Include data type checking in the standard

If you check both scope and type, you have 6 ways to build a name: with a prefix, with a suffix or a mix.

If you check scope or check type only, you have just 2 ways to build a name: with a prefix or with a suffix.

Check typeCheck scopeOrderPrefixSuffixMixed prefix + suffix
OnOnScope first, type secondScope+Type+ <base><base> +Scope+Type Scope+ <base> +Type Type+ <base> +Scope
Type first, scope secondType+Scope+ <base><base> +Type+Scope
OnOff- Type+ <base><base> +Type
OffOn- Scope+ <base><base> +Scope

How do you determine if you should use prefixes, suffixes or a mix? It depends on the settings on the preceding pages, namely pages Scopes, Types, Controls, Modules and Special.

Types, Controls and Modules
Practical issues

Not checked

The following names are not checked under any of the settings.

Ignore tab

There are special names that you may not want to use according to your standards. Examples could be integers i and j. Add any such names to the Ignore page.

Ignore special cases via comment directives

You can also exclude portions of code from Project NameCheck by using the '$PROBHIDE NAMECHECK comment directive.

More about Project NameCheck

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