System requirements and compatibility

VBA Plug requires Project Analyzer and Microsoft Office. To retrieve VBA code from Office files, the corresponding Office application needs to be installed.

Supported VBA versions and file types

VBA Plug supports Visual Basic for Applications projects stored in Microsoft Office files. It is compatible with the following Office programs:

ApplicationSupported file types
Access 2000-2016 .mdb databases
.mda add-ins
.adp projects
.accdb databases
Excel 2000-2016 .xls workbooks
.xla add-ins
.xlt templates
.xlsb workbooks
.xlsm workbooks
.xlam add-ins
.xltm templates
PowerPoint 2000-2016 .ppt presentations
.pps slide shows
.pot templates
.pptm presentations
.ppsm slide shows
.potm templates
Visio 2002-2016 .vsd drawings
.vsdm drawings
.vdx drawings
.vst templates
.vstm templates
.vtx templates
.vss stencils
.vssm stencils
.vsx stencils
Word 2000-2016 .doc documents
.docm documents
.dot templates
.dotm templates
.xml documents (Word 2003)

Office must be able to open the file you want to analyze. If Office cannot read a file, VBA Plug cannot read it either. Support for any other file versions is not guaranteed. Previous file versions may work to some extent. As an example, you may be able to analyze Excel 95 or 97 worksheets as long as you have a newer Excel installed, but this is not guaranteed to work.

Non-Office VBA systems, such as AutoCAD, are not supported.

VBA Plug version compatibility

Project Analyzer v10.x is compatible with VBA Plug v3.x.

VBA Plug compatibility chart
VBA Plug Compatible with
Office Project Analyzer
v1.0 and v1.1 2000-2003 v7.1, v8.0, v8.1
v2.0 2000-2007 v8.1
v2.1 2000-2007 v8.1, v9.0
v3.0 2000-2010 v10.0v10.1
v3.1 2000-2013 v10.0v10.2
v3.2 2000-2016 v10.0v10.2

Upgrade options for existing users

The old versions VBA Plug v1 and v2 cannot be used with Project Analyzer v10. Existing users need to upgrade to VBA Plug v3 to run analyses with Project Analyzer v10.

Once you have VBA Plug v3 installed, Project Analyzer v10 can even load existing exports made with VBA Plug v1 and v2.


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