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Authentic feedback from real users

Analyzing large projects

Matt Warner, TaxWorks

Understanding existing code

Mike Donnellan

Brad Griffin

Converting from VB to C#

Curtis Forrester

Getting feedback when working alone


Mike Donnellan

Identifying controls to replace

Ken Garrison, Fiserv

Reducing program size

Rich Ciszek

Lance Keene, Sarbrook Company

Corey Alix

Toby Bascom

Cleaning up unused code

Justin H.

Larry Marshall

Spotting more dead code

Ken Halter, MS-MVP-VB

Improving quality of undocumented code

Theo de Roo, MAF Europe

Turning a project to another programmer

Danny Ringo, Odyssey Consulting Corp.

Discovering garbage in code

Torsten Borg, Fisa

Discovering your own faults

Chris Barber, Isotrak Ltd.

Running code review

  1. Dead code, dead variables
  2. clearing violations, i.e. deallocating arrays or objects when finished using them
  3. notification of method arguments or local/member variables that are only written to or read from
  4. variables read before they have been written
  5. return values from functions that are either not declared, assigned, or used by calling methods.
  6. data types not declared for named constants
  7. ByVal parameter missing from method arguments
  8. When LenB or Trim$, etc. functions would be better to use
  9. Code not being reached
  10. Excess scope of a method or variable
  11. Possible short circuit issues with condition statements
  12. Use of As New in variable declaration
  13. Empty Case or condition statement blocks
  14. Optional argument missing default value

Carl Hoelzlhammer, Emerson Process Management

Creating documentation

Brian McElroy


General feedback

Danie Odendaal, Microsoft

Spontaneous, authentic comment at

Thomas Ehlert in

Independent reviews

Checking out Aivosto VB Project Analyzer's compatibility checklist

Francesco Balena

Visual Basic 6 to .Net Migration

Peter Aitken at

Pointing out where you need improvements

John Percival at

A must

Aldo Vargas at

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