What's new in VB Watch v2

VB Watch v2 is a Visual Basic 6.0 debugging, testing, profiling and error handling tool. The current release is VB Watch v2. There are two editions: Standard and Enterprise. Standard Edition is for profiling and adding error handlers. Enterprise Edition provides advanced features.

Improvements from v1 to v2

Stand-alone or add-in. Execute VB Watch as a stand-alone tool or an add-in. Profile, Debug and Protect outside the VB IDE.

Console automates instrumentation of one or more projects. Supports batch processing. (Enterprise Edition)

Profiler enhancements

  • Graphs: View timings and execution counts in bar and pie graphs.
  • Flow chart: view timings and execution counts in call tree format.
  • View source with profiling results as color-coded HTML. Printable.
  • More robust profiling for long sessions (.pfd file allows 5x more data in 2 GB limit).
  • Print results. No need to export for printing.
  • Ignore specific code lines with filters. Define critical code and view coverage results separately.
  • Enhanced support for project groups (vbg) , IIS projects and "Retained in memory" projects.
  • Generate HTML/CHM reports with charts and source code. (Enterprise Edition)
  • Export full data to Excel for deeper analysis or macro processing. (Enterprise Edition)
  • Rename and join sessions.

Protector enhancements

  • Better error reports: Screenshot dump, data encryption, file zip.
  • Option for user to "Always ignore" a run-time error.
  • Option for end-users to gracefully collapse the call stack, canceling the failed job but restarting from a no error state.
  • Protect projects that have no user interface (redistributable is .dll instead of .ocx).
  • Protect IIS projects.
  • No need to distribute .obj file any more.
  • Define multiple addresses as recipients of error reports.
  • Auto-increment version number of original project.

Debugger completely redesigned with enhancements (Enterprise Edition)

  • Monitor public variables.
  • Monitor memory use.
  • Remote debugging at client site via TCP/IP.
  • Source code pane to track execution and set breakpoints at runtime.

Other enhancements

  • Select modules and procedures to instrument.
  • Destination folder control. Produce instrumented project in any folder.
  • Execute default action after compilation.
  • Improved user interface and inline help.
  • Better integration with VB IDE. View selected source location in VB from Profiler, Protector and Debugger.

Screenshots — view the new look and features in action.


VB Watch editions have changed since v1. VB Watch v2 now comes in two editions:

  • Standard Edition, including Protector and Profiler.
  • Enterprise Edition, including Debugger, Console and the following Profiler features: reports and data export.

Discounted upgrade pricing is available from all existing licenses to VB Watch v2 Enterprise Edition.

Change notes

  • Debugger has moved to Enterprise Edition.
  • Enterprise Edition single user license is available since December 2012. (Previously the smallest size was a 5-user Team license.)
  • Site license terms have changed since v1: "A site license covers any number of users in a single organization within a radius of 3 miles (5 km). This area is referred to as the Site. In addition, employees of the organization are allowed to use the Software outside the Site on their portable and home computers in either of the following cases: the employee either works solely at home, or the employee works at the Site a minimum of one day/week. Independent contractors of the organization may use the Software at the Site but not at other locations. The site license allows use via a computer network, provided that unlicensed use is not possible."


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