Batch file flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from DOS and Windows Batch files (.bat and .cmd).

The support is current as of Windows 7, but MS-DOS .bat files are also supported. Windows supports a far richer Batch file syntax than MS-DOS did. Visustin fully supports the Windows enhancements.

Supported Batch commands

Visustin supports the following Batch commands.

Statement typeCommand
Conditional statementsIF..ELSE
End scriptEXIT
Line labels:MyLine
CommentsREM Comment, :: Comment
Boolean logic&& ||

Visustin is aware of command grouping, pipelines, redirection and the fact that Batch files use the DOS OEM character set.

Most other commands are handled as regular statements.

Run Visustin from a Batch file?

Want to automate your Visustin tasks? In order to start Visustin from the command line or a batch file, check out the Command line syntax of Visustin.

With Visustin Pro you can also Bulk flowchart several files in unattended mode. Running bulk flowcharting is possible interactively or from a batch file. In the latter case you define bulk flowcharting jobs, and then execute the jobs from a batch file.

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