Supported languages in Visustin

Visustin generates flow diagrams for the following programming languages. All languages are enabled regardless of edition or license type.

Select the appropriate language option in the Language menu. Should a flow chart look incorrect, make sure you have the correct language selected. Incorrect language selection easily results in useless charts.

Favorite languages. In order to quickly switch between your usual languages, set your favorite languages in the Language menu. Choosing favorite languages also enables a bonus feature: If you run Visustin from the command line, Visustin auto-detects what language a source file is in based on its filename extension. Favorite languages have precedence where several languages share the same extension such as .txt or .bas.

Fixed format languages. Certain languages require or support a fixed column format. In this case, source code must appear in certain columns on each line. Visustin supports several languages with such a fixed format. For these languages Visustin displays a ruler above the source code panel. Visustin flowcharts such code automatically as long as the code is in the regular column format typical to the language in question. If your source code is in different columns than those expected by Visustin, use the Indent and Unindent commands in the Edit menu to bring the code to its proper format.

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