Rexx flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from Rexx source code. REXX stands for REstructured eXtended eXecutor.

The support is based on TSO/E REXX Reference (for z/OS v1R8 and z/OS.e v1R8 from 2006). Visustin works with other Rexx code as well.

Visustin is not fully compatible with ooRexx or NetRexx.

Supported statements

Visustin supports the following Rexx statements.

Statement typeStatement
Conditional statementsIF..THEN..ELSE
Loop exit and continueITERATE, LEAVE
End programEXIT
Line numbers and labelsMyLine:
Comments/* Comment */

Most other statements are handled as regular statements.

Unsupported constructs

The following statements are unsupported. Unsupported means you see the code in the graph as a normal statement, not as a branch or a jump.

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