Tcl flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from Tcl and Tcl/Tk code. Tcl (Tool Command Language) support is current as of Tcl 8.5.12. Earlier versions are supported as well. Visustin supports both tclsh and wish scripts.

Supported statements

Visustin supports the following Tcl statements.

Statement typeStatement
Conditional statementsif..elseif..else
Multiway decisionswitch
Iterationfor, foreach
Loop exit and continuebreak, continue
End programexit
Error throwingerror
Special statementstime, uplevel
Namespacesnamespace eval

Most other statements are handled as regular statements.

Unsupported constructs

The following statement types are unsupported. Unsupported means you see the code in the graph as a normal statement, not as a branch or a jump.

Visustin works well with Tcl/Tk code, but Tk specific features do not exist.

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