Perl flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from Perl scripts. The support is current up to Perl 5.24.0. Visustin also works with previous Perl versions and it has been tested with Perl 4.0.

Perl 6 is considered a different language and is not supported by this version of Visustin. Write us if you require support.

Supported Perl statements

Other statements are supported but have no specific visualization.

Limitations in Perl visualization

Perl is a complicated language to parse and visualize, partially because of its complex use of the punctuation characters. Visustin well is aware of regular expressions, comments, string literals, the qq{} syntax, special variables such as $; and $", the <<EOF syntax and various other peculiarities that make the Perl language such a great but complex tool.

If you encounter a piece of code that doesn't visualize well, try removing any non-code elements such as regular expressions, strings and comments and possibly rewriting the logic with clear statements. Pay attention to the use of punctuation and complicated expressions. Even if it works well, it might not read and visualize so well.


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