JCL (MVS) flow charts

Visustin generates flow charts from MVS JCL source code. JCL stands for Job Control Language.

The support is based on MVS JCL Reference for Version 1 Release 10 of z/OS (2008). We assume compatibility with the entire lineage from OS/360 to z/OS. Visustin is compatible with both JES2 and JES3 commands.

Note: Visustin is not compatible with JCL for DOS/360 and successors (z/VSE). If you require support for that, please contact us.

Supported statements

Visustin supports a specific visualization for the following JCL statements.

Most other statements are handled as regular statements.

If your files are in EBCDIC, set the encoding option to an EBCDIC codepage before loading the files in Visustin.

Visustin processes JCL code in columns 1..72, which is reflected in the ruler that appears above the source code in the main window. Visustin rejects any characters beyond column 72. Comments continuing to columns 73..80 are thus truncated. DD blocks are an exception. They are processed regardless of line length.

Tip. If your JCL file contains DD blocks with source code in another programming language, switch to that language and create a flow chart of that part separately.

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