Press release: Project Analyzer v8 diagrams VB code

For Immediate Release
Date: March 20, 2006

Project Analyzer v8 diagrams VB code

Project Analyzer v8 is a Visual Basic code review and documentation system. It produces software diagrams, reports coding flaws, locates reusable subsystems and suggests restructuring of classes. Project Analyzer supports VB, VB.NET and VBA.

Automated diagramming helps understanding of complex VB systems. Project Analyzer visualizes code as class hierarchies, file dependencies and procedure call trees. Data diagrams show declaration, object instantiation and variable access links between modules. Cohesion diagrams display how classes should be restructured. The diagrams can be exported to Microsoft Visio.

Project Analyzer reveals logic errors such as unwritten variables, unset function return values and unused enumeration values. Constant analysis locates bugs due to duplicated constants with different values. Parameter analysis reports unexpected side effects of "out" function parameters. Fixing errors early in development decreases maintenance costs.

Reuse lowers costs further. Project Analyzer locates reusable subsystems in large programs. It creates complete project documentation as a code web site. Project Analyzer also reports unused code and 180 software metrics.

Supported operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Analyzed languages: classic Visual Basic 3.0-6.0, Office VBA, VB.NET and ASP.NET versions 2002-2005.

Prices: US$299 to US$990. Free demo to download. Free code analysis service.

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