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Aivosto Oy is an innovative producer of software development tools. Established in 1997, Aivosto specializes in utilities for professional software developers. Our products focus on software quality, optimization, documentation and productivity. With Aivosto tools you improve your programs while saving cost and effort.

As experienced software developers we understand your needs as a pro. What we promise, we deliver. We guarantee that our programs are of top quality. You will always get the best service and support from us, be you on any continent.

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Company details

Trade nameAivosto Oy
AddressKylänvanhimmantie 16, 00640 Helsinki, Finland
Business ID1107215-7
Company formLimited company (Oy)
PresidentTuomas Salste
Web siteaivosto.com
D-U-N-S number65-190-8774

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Aivosto follows the continuous improvement (kaizen) strategy. We strive for the better, improve things bit by bit, fix bugs and deliver the best quality to you. Aivosto is privately owned and works debt-free on a solid financial basis. This ensures we will meet your needs now and in the years to come.

Aivosto Oy: What does it mean?


History of Aivosto


Finland Aivosto is based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, northern Europe. Finland is a land of deep forests, blue lakes, white snow, 5.5 million people—and 2 million saunas to cope with dark, freezing winters. An independent democracy since 1917, Finland belongs to the European Union and the eurozone (€). Finnish people appreciate honesty, modesty, hard work and more action, less talk. They love new technology. The more technical it is, the better. Home to some great software, Finland is where Linux, IRC, MySQL, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Aivosto come from.

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