Educational price

Aivosto offers special pricing to students, faculty and staff. The software is identical to the regular full version. Special license terms apply.

Available product: Visustin

Visustin v8 Standard Educational: US$149
Standard Edition, Educational price, single user license.
Generates flow charts from source code. Visustin home

Who is eligible?

  • Student, currently studying for a degree that requires a minimum of two years of full-time study at a qualified educational institution.
  • Faculty and staff of a qualified educational institution.
  • Qualified educational institution: University, college, polytechnic, high school, comprehensive school, other school (primary, secondary or tertiary education).
  • Not qualified: Institution that does not give full-time education for at least two years.
  • If in doubt, ask us. We reserve the right to grant educational pricing on an individual basis.

How to buy?

  • Place your order through this web site. Educational prices are not available elsewhere.
  • Use an email address that belongs to an educational institution.
  • Alternatively, prior to ordering, send us any reasonable proof of your status at an educational institution.


The program is identical to a regular full version, but the license is restricted. The software may not be used for any revenue-generating activity. An educational license may not be transferred.

Special conditions may apply to upgrades from an educational license. Currently upgrades are available from a previous version educational license to a regular Visustin v8 license.