Temporary license

Save money with a temporary license. The price is low, but the program works for a limited time only.

Available product: Visustin v8 Standard 90 days

Visustin v8 Standard Edition, 90-day license: US$99
Standard Edition, single user license.
Generates flow charts from source code. Visustin home

How does it work?

A temporary license works for a limited period only.

License period. The license period is 90 days. It starts when you activate the program for the first time. When 90 calendar days have passed, the license expires and the program stops to work.

2 installations are allowed for the same user. You can put it on 2 PCs during those 90 days.

Limitations. The license does not entitle to any extension or version upgrade, not free nor discounted. Unused licenses are subject to being terminated if not activated in 90 days of purchase.

How to buy?

Who should not choose a temporary license?

If you require the program for longer than 90 days, a regular license is a better choice.

If you require Visustin Pro Edition features (Editor, Bulk flowcharting, Visio export), you need a regular Pro Edition license. A temporary license is not available for the Pro Edition.