File associations dialog

In this dialog you can define which file types are associated with the program.

Select the file types you wish to associate with the program and press the Save button.

Associating or unassociating a file extension does not modify any other existing associations. For example, you can still open up a file in its usual editor or programming environment by double-clicking it as before.

Uncheck a file type if you don't want to use it with this program. This will remove the settings the program has made but not any other settings. If you wish to clear all associations, press the None button and then Save.

Auto-associate at startup. If this option is selected, the program automatically re-creates any lost associations each time it starts. If the option is not selected, the file associations are not monitored at startup. As other programs may modify the settings (typically during installation, configuration or startup), the associations you set in this dialog may eventually get lost. Use auto-association when other programs interfere with your settings. Disable it when you don't want this program to manage your settings automatically.

This dialog may not display all the supported file types, because they are not available on your computer. Applications usually register their own file types when installed. If you later install new applications, their file types will appear in this dialog if supported by this program.

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