VBA Plug v3.3 VBA Plug

Analyze Office VBA code with Project Analyzer

VBA Plug enables Office VBA code analysis with Project Analyzer. VBA Plug connects to Microsoft Office and exports the Visual Basic for Applications code for Project Analyzer to read. VBA Plug supports the following Office applications:

VBA analysis requires the purchase of both VBA Plug and Project Analyzer.

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Compatibility note. VBA Plug v3 is compatible with Project Analyzer v10. If you have an older version of either product, you need to upgrade. Compatibility details

Troubleshooting. If exporting results in an error message, you may need to change an option in Office. See Troubleshooting


In order to read Office VBA code with Project Analyzer you need VBA Plug. It connects to Office and exports VBA code for Project Analyzer to read. In other words, VBA Plug a convert module that enables VBA support in Project Analyzer.

Most of the features of Project Analyzer work also with VBA code. There are a few limitations, though.

This is a source code analysis system. Basically it analyzes all the VBA code you can find when you press Alt+F11 in an Office application. However, it doesn't analyze any non-code elements such as database usage or worksheet functions.

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