Find window in Project Analyzer

The Find window offers an extended VB code search capability. You can search for code, comments or the name of a program object. Press Ctrl+F to open the Find window. Press F3 to Find again.

Search term

You can use the following wildcards in the search term:
* matches any string.
? matches any single character.
# matches any single digit [0-9].
[ax-z] matches a single character in the list.
[!ax-z] matches a single character not in the list.

The syntax is equal to the VB6 Like operator. Tips: To search for *, write [*]. To search for ?, write [?]. To search for #, write [#].

Search options

Find procedure by name. You can also search in binaries (DLL, COM procedures).
Find variable by name.
Find constant by name.
Type or Enum
Find Type (UDT) or Enum by name.
Find text in code, but not in comments or string literals.
Code or String
Find text in code or string literals, but not in comments. Note: To search for a string literal such as "abc", use this option.
Find text in comments only.
Any text
Find text in any of code, comments and string literals.

Results list

Double-click a search result to view it. Press the Report button to create a report of the search results.

Suggested uses

Search for code that was commented out
When you need to find certain code that has been commented out earlier, use the Comment search option.
Search for code that was not commented out
Use the Code search option to ignore comments (and any code in them).
List API callback functions
Find AddressOf in Code. This works mainly with classic VB, which doesn't use AddressOf for any other purpose.
List Operators or Custom Events
Find Operator or Custom in Code.
Locate all compound operators used (+= etc.)
Find [-+\/*^&]= in Code. This does not find <<= or >>= though, which you need to find separately.
Search for hard-coded file names
Find "*.[!"][!"][!"]" in Code or String.
Search for hard-coded date or time literals
Find [#]*[/:]*[#] in Code.


Search for code, comment, string or text does not return any matches in binary files. Search for names of procedures, variables, constants, Types and Enums returns names found in all files, whether source or binary.

See also

Listings windows and the Constants and Enums window let you search for procedures, constants, enums, variables, parameters and modules in a more detailed way.

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