Project Analyzer command line options

Project Analyzer uses this command line syntax:

project.exe "inputfile" [options]

InputfileFile description
"myfile.vbp"Analyze a project, project group or solution.
"myfile.pam"Execute a Project Analyzer macro.
"myfile.sup"Open a saved Super Project in Super Project Analyzer.
"myfile.sud"Open a saved Super Project Data file in Super Project Analyzer.
/ERRORIGNOREIgnore run-time errors during the analysis. Useful for executing analyses unattended.
/IMPORT:"myfile.flt"Import an exported problem filter.
/IMPORT:"myfile.std"Import a Project NameCheck exported standard.
/NOCDIRECTIVES Ignore comment directives.

You may omit quotation marks from file names if the name doesn't contain spaces. The file names are relative to the current directory.


project.exe "myfile.vbproj"

Analyze the project myfile.vbproj.


Macros offer more automation features for unattended analyses.

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