Ordering Project Analyzer

Project Analyzer is try-before-you-buy software. You can evaluate the free demo version for 90 days. The demo can analyze projects of any size, a maximum of 10 source code files at a time.

To really use Project Analyzer, you need to purchase a license. When you purchase, you get the full version with support for projects of unlimited size. Order online

Editions. The full version comes in 3 editions: Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

VBA Plug is required for Office VBA analysis support.

License details and activation

License sizes. The standard license sizes are single user, 2-pack, 3-pack, 5-user team license, 10-pack and a site license. Tailored license sizes are available.

One user, 2 installations. Each single user license convers one user and installation on two computers. Anyone can use the primary installation, but only one person at a time. The (optional) secondary installation is exclusively for the primary user of the primary installation. A site license allows 100 installations within a radius of 3 miles (5 km). Additional installations are allowed if previous installations are removed first.

Online activation is required before running the full software. Activation requires Internet access (web and email). If the computer has no online access, activation is possible via another computer. Reactivation may be required after hardware changes or system environment changes, such as operating system reinstallation. Each user account requires a separate activation.

New activations are covered for 3 years. New activations are covered without extra charge for a minimum of three years after purchase. After this time you may need to purchase a renewal or an upgrade. The license period is not restricted. Once activated, you may use the software until your hardware or system environment changes. Reformatting the hard drive or reinstalling Windows are examples of system changes requiring a new activation.

License terms

Support and upgrades

Technical support is free and available via email.


Electronic delivery

Project Analyzer is a download. It is not delivered on a disk. There is no program box or printed manual.

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