MTX databases

Project Metrics uses .mtx files to store the metrics. Each .mtx file represents one analysis run (of one project or solution).

The Databases command in the File menu allows you to select a search path for .mtx files, to edit the database files, and to delete old .mtx files.

Search paths

Project Metrics uses search paths to look for .mtx databases. You can define as many search paths as you want. As an example, you can use a local path to store metrics for your private projects, and a network path to your team's shared repository.

By adjusting the search paths you can temporarily drop databases from Project Metrics without deleting the files.

Database file edit

You can edit the following data within a .mtx file.

MTX file format

The .mtx database is a proprietary file format optimized for metrics. It does not require the installation of any database drivers. The .mtx files store the following information about your code. It's the same information you see in the viewer main window.

You can freely exchange .mtx files with other people. They do not contain any sensitive information such as constant values or source code.

MTX file version compatibility

Project Metrics Viewer is backwards compatible. It can load old MTX files without problems. Newer MTX files may not be compatible with older viewers, however. This is an issue if your colleagues use a different Project Analyzer version from yours.

MTX versionProject Analyzer versionProject Metrics Viewer compatibility
1.1v7.0–v7.1v1.0 and later
2.0v8.0–v8.1v2.0 and later
2.1v9.0v3.0 and later

Compatibility note: Version 2.1 MTX files also load up in Project Metrics Viewer v2.x, but non-ASCII characters show up as garbage.

You can verify the MTX file version via the File|Databases command. Press Edit file to view the file version and other details.

XML export

The .mtx file format is a proprietary binary format. You can convert a .mtx file into a .xml file for importing into XML aware applications. See XML export

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