Print code or export as PDF

Print your Visual Basic source code. Project Analyzer produces syntax-colored print-outs. Browse to the code you wish to print and press Ctrl+P. You can also select Print in the File menu, or right-click the code you wish to print and select Print in the popup menu.

Alternatively, export source code as a PDF file. This produces similar output, which you can then print or store as project documentation. You can find Export code as PDF in the File menu.

Print and PDF export features

Print code dialog options

Available print ranges:

Line numbering
Print line numbers.
Bracket structures
Mark block structures with a bracket ([). Works with conditional and loop blocks such as If..Else..End If and Do..Loop.
Produce either syntax-colored or black & white output. By default, the document is generated using the same colors you see in the hypertext view. If you have a monochrome printer or if you prefer black & white print-outs, select the Monochrome option. Both color and the monochrome print-outs are syntax-enhanced. Monochrome print-outs use a simpler look, though.
Print in one column (default) or 2-4 columns to save paper. Printing in multiple columns always prints in landscape mode. For 3 or 4 columns, it's best to use a very small font (or large paper) and disable line numbering.
Specify font for printing the code. This can be different from what you use in the hypertext window. The optimal font for the screen is not necessarily the same as for the paper. You can also use a proportional font.

Note: To set the colors for syntax highlighting, open Hypertext options in the Options menu.


Check out the below samples to see how the output looks.

Color pdf
Monochrome pdf

Note: The links are to online documents and open in a new window.

Printing tips

Monochrome mode can produce sharper text, depending on your printer. Try a proportional font instead of a fixed font to print in multiple columns. With Arial 8pt you can fit about 180 lines (3-column mode) or 240 lines (4-column mode) on one page. Consider the paper savings compared to a regular print-outs of ca. 60 lines per page.

Small fonts for printing
Proportional fonts save horizontal space, making more columns fit on a page. Try one of the following fonts.
Arial 7pt
Candara 7pt
Constantia 7-8pt
Lucida Fax 6-8pt
Small fixed-width fonts
If you prefer a fixed-width font, try one of these:
Andale Mono 6-7pt
Lucida Console 6-7pt
Lucida Sans Typewriter 6-7pt

Remember to print on both sides of the paper.

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