Problem reports

Problem detection

You can find problem reports in the Report menu. Alternatively, press the button Problem report button at the bottom of the main screen, on the Problems tab.

Problem report. List detected problems for all files or for selected files only. The Problem report is available sorted by location or by description. Sort by location to review your code in an organized fashion. Sort by description to focus on one problem type at a time. The Problem report lists those problems that are enabled in the currently selected problem filter.

Sample reports: Problem report by descriptionProblem report by location

Problem statistics. Summarize the number of problems found by problem type. You also get the same summary at the bottom of each Problem report.

Dead procedures report. This report lists dead procedures sorted by the number of physical lines. You also get a description of their deadness status. The Dead procedures report is useful if you want to focus on removing unused procedures starting with the largest ones to reduce the executable size in an effective way. Notice that this report is not affected by the currently selected problem filter.

Sample report: Dead procedures

Dead code statistics. This report counts the live and dead code elements and shows deadness percentages. It also shows the total physical lines (LINES) and logical lines of code (LLOC) in live and dead procedures.

Sample report: Dead code statistics

Problem rules available. Produce a listing of all available problem detection rules and their descriptions.

Problem rules selected. List the problem detection rules that match the selected filter.

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