Referral program for existing customers

Recommend & Upgrade for free!

Are you a user of Visustin or Project Analyzer? Recommed it to your friend or boss! When your friend or employer buys a new license, we'll upgrade your existing license for free!

Steps to get a free upgrade

  1. Recommend Visustin or Project Analyzer to your friend or employer.
  2. Friend/employer buys a new full-priced license. Any edition.
  3. Upgrade your existing license for free. Visustin or Project Analyzer. Your choice.
You have:You get:Details
Old versionVersion upgradeNewest version, same edition.
Current versionEither: Edition upgradeStandardPro or ProEnterprise.
Or: Size upgradeExtra license for 1 user, same edition.

The free upgrade is always for 1 user. Version upgrade means you get the newest version of the same program and edition you already have. If you already have the newest version, you can choose between Edition upgrade and Size upgrade. Edition upgrade means you get the next better edition. Size upgrade means you get a new single user license, similar to your existing one.

Request your upgrade in 60 days of your friend's purchase. Should your friend cancel the purchase, your upgrade is canceled too. Offer is available to existing customers only. Offer applies to your friends' purchases made while this page is displayed at

That's all! When your friend or employer has made a purchase, simply email us about it and request your free upgrade.


Questions & Answers

Q: Which product should my friend purchase?

A: Visustin or Project Analyzer. A new full-priced license (non-upgrade), any edition, any size.

Q: Which product can I upgrade?

A: Visustin or Project Analyzer. Your friend's license doesn't need to match yours. It can be a different product or edition.

Q: What if my license belongs to my employer?

A: The upgraded license will belong to your employer as before, and you are the user.

Q: We have a multiuser license. Is the offer for us?

A: Yes, but the free upgrade only covers 1 user. The other users are not upgraded.

Q: We have a site license. Is the offer for us?

A: Yes, but the free upgrade only covers 1 user. The site license remains intact.

Q: What if my version is very old?

A: No problem! There is no time limit. This is your chance to upgrade, even if your license is really old. Licenses with no edition (Project Analyzer v1–5 and Visustin v1–2) qualify for Standard Edition.

Q: I have an old version. Can I get a better license for the old version?

A: No, unfortunately not. You get a version upgrade to the current version instead.