Purchasing VB Watch 2

VB Watch is distributed under the Try before you buy concept, allowing users to evaluate the software before buying it. You can test and distribute freely the demo version according to the license agreement terms. This demo is limited to projects with 10 source files maximum.

Available licenses

The available editions are:

- Standard Edition

- Enterprise Edition

Please refer to the license description for details on each license.




You may also find VB Watch from your favorite developer software reseller in your own country. If they don't have it yet, we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements. Contact us for the most recent information on who's closest to you.

Enter your license number

We deliver via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). When we receive your order, we send you a license number.

To enter this number, click the Windows Start menu, Programs, VB Watch 2, and select the VB Watch menu. Enter your license number in the license field at the bottom of the window, respecting the case. If entered correctly, a confirmation message displays and the product is turned as full version.

The license number itself contains informations on the products licensed and the license scope. Please save this information in case you re-install VB Watch.

Updates/Upgrades policy

VB Watch is constantly under further development:

Version Updates. Updates are free within the major version number (2.x -> 2.y). You can download updates through our web site. Getting free updates requires Internet access.

Version Upgrades. Special low upgrade prices will be available at time of a major upgrade (2.x -> 3.y).