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Visustin: Flow chart generator

Flow chart generator

Convert source code to flow charts! Visustin is flowcharting software that documents programs automatically. Create PDF flow charts. Export to Visio. Generate UML diagrams.

Review algorithms. Verify program logic. Document complex functions. Restructure incomprehensible code.

Supports 49 programming languages.

Review algorithms. Verify program logic. Document complex functions. Supports 49 programming languages.

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Project Analyzer: VB code review

VB code review

Automated Visual Basic and VBA code review. Detect questionable syntax, coding flaws, bad logic and unoptimal code. Delete unused code. Enforce coding standards.

Understand code written by others. Create project documentation. Generate diagrams and reports. Print code.

VB Watch screenshot

VB Watch: Profile, debug, handle errors

Profile, debug, handle errors

VB6 run-time analysis and monitor. Evaluate performance and detect bottleneck code. Measure test coverage and find unexecuted lines. Add professional error handling to identify bugs with detailed error reports. Monitor executables and debug remotely.

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(09/2018) The entire Aivosto website has been redesigned for a modern look and proper support for mobile devices. Website contents remain mainly the same, but the look is different. Existing links continue to work. Free VB code analysis service and RSS feed have been closed. VB columns and link collection were removed as outdated content.

Visustin 15 years

(02/2018) A revolution in the world of flowcharting occurred in February 2003, 15 years ago. Aivosto released the first version of Visustin. Developers could see their source code in flow chart format. People who were called in to support, analyze and update undocumented, unstructured software suddenly saved enormous time by viewing their code graphically with Visustin. Today we continue to amaze our customers by converting their code to flow charts in an automated way.

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