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Visustin Flow chart generator

Flow chart generator

Convert source code to flow charts! Visustin is flowcharting software that documents programs automatically. Create Visio flow diagrams and PDF charts. Create UML diagrams.

Review algorithms. Verify program logic. Document complex functions. Restructure incomprehensible code.

Supports 49 programming languages.:
ABAP, ActionScript, Ada, ASP, assemblers, AutoIt, BASIC, .bat files, C/C++, C#, Clipper, COBOL, ColdFusion, Delphi, Fortran, GW-BASIC, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JCL, JSP, LotusScript, MATLAB, MXML, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/I, PL/SQL, PowerBASIC, PowerBuilder PowerScript, PureBasic, Python, QB, REALbasic, Rexx, RPG, Ruby, SAS, Tcl, T-SQL, shell script, VB, VBA, VBScript, VB.Net, Visual FoxPro, XML and XSLT.

New release: Visustin v8

Flowchart AutoIt, GW-BASIC, HTML, PowerBASIC, RPG and XML. Export to Visio 2016. What's new in Visustin v8

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Project Analyzer VB code review

VB code review

Find bad code in Visual Basic, VB.NET and VBA projects. Detect flaws, bad syntax and unoptimalities. Remove unused code. Generate documentation and diagrams. Print code. View metrics.

Evaluate design. Examine impact of changes. Improve code quality and cut development costs!

Automated code review
Delete unused dead code
Enforce coding standards
Find questionable logic and syntax
Optimize declarations and commands

Automated code documentation
Create diagrams and reports
Navigate cross-references and call trees
Surf hyperlinked code

Upgrade to v10.2

Find more bugs in your code and analyze Office 2016 VBA code. What's new in Project Analyzer v10.2

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VB Watch Profile, debug, handle errors

Profile, debug, handle errors

VB6 run-time analysis and monitor. Evaluate performance and detect bottleneck code. Measure test coverage and find unexecuted lines. Add professional error handlingto identify bugs with detailed error reports. Monitor executables and debug remotely.

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Fontitin Font and character viewer

Font and character viewer

Fontitin is a font and character viewer for Windows. Explore fonts. Examine their character repertoire. Detect missing characters. Find new symbols on your PC. Pick the best font for your job. Look into character sets.

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Visustin v8: Language and compatibility update

(11/2016) New Visustin v8 creates flow charts from your source code in any of 49 programming languages. This update refreshes 21 programming languages and adds 6 new ones. New languages include AutoIt, GW-BASIC, PowerBASIC and RPG. Create tag charts of HTML and XML. Updated features include Word export, Visio export and Bulk flowcharting. Visustin v8 is compatible with Windows 10, Word 2016 and Visio 2016, and earlier.

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Visustin 90-day licenses available

(11/2016) Save money! Get old Visustin v7 Standard Edition for 90 days. If you require our flow chart generator for a short time only, this offer is for you.

Order system changed

(08/2016) Aivosto's online order system is now with BlueSnap. Purchase securely with your favorite payment option, including PayPal.

Project Analyzer updated: Analyze Office 2016 VBA

(01/2016) Project Analyzer v10.2 has been updated for Office 2016. Analyze Office 2016 VBA projects with Project Analyzer and VBA Plug. Project Analyzer v10.2 supports Windows 10 and, optionally, diagrams your code with Visio 2016.

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