Visustin v8 Pro Premium

Visustin Pro Premium extends a regular Visustin Pro Edition license with 2-year upgrade protection and a 5-year activation guarantee. Buy now and forget about upgrade fees in your budget!

Included with Pro Premium

Visustin v8 Pro Premium = Pro Edition + Upgrade protection + Activation guarantee

Pro Edition and Pro Premium are the same program. Just the license is different.

Upgrade protection means that if any new versions of Visustin are released, you can get them as a free upgrade regardless of version number. A regular license covers minor version updates (v8.x) only. Pro Premium covers all new versions (such as v9.x) for 2 years regardless of version number.

Activation guarantee means that you can reinstall the program for (at least) 5 years as your hardware changes. A regular license covers (at least) 3 years.

License details

Visustin Pro Premium comes with a regular Visustin Pro Edition license and the following additional terms.


These Premium terms amend the license terms of the Software.

P1. ACTIVATION PERIOD. The availability of activation is guaranteed for five (5) years after purchase.

P2. UPGRADE PROTECTION. During the first two (2) years after purchase, you may upgrade to any newer version of the Software for free. Such an upgrade shall be to the same edition as your original license, or if unavailable, to its nearest equivalent. An upgrade shall not extend the activation period or the period of upgrade protection.

Which license do I have?

Visustin v8 Pro Premium is available from January 1, 2023. If you're not sure which license you have, check out the title of your license. "Visustin v8 Pro" or "Visustin v8 Pro Upgrade" means your license is for the regular Pro Edition. If it reads "Visustin v8 Pro Premium" you do have a premium license.

Old version? The upgrade protection and activation guarantee of the old Visustin v6 Pro Premium have expired.